Hello, my name is Vincenzo Benincasa, I was born February 9, 1962 in Bari (Italy).

I am interested of astronomy, electronics and, lastly, for piloting drones.

My passion for the World of 3D started several years ago, in 1990, with one of the first versions of 3D Studio.3D Computer Graphics, astronomy, electronics and, lastly, for piloting drones.. This passion for the 3D Computer Graphics began when I discovered that i could finally realize the fantasies that I had in my mind, creating 3D images that would otherwise remain confined only in my mind. This passion was born in 1992 with 3D Studio (Ver 3.0 for DOS) and has since increased in intensity. In later years I won several prizes and awards for some my 3D images and animations (some of these awards are in the "awards" page). These awards, first of all, have helped me to enrich and give me a chance to compare myself with other 3D artists. This passion has involved me more and more, learning to use software tools more sophisticated and powerful. Now I like to wander from the simplicity of Vue xStream by E-On Software, the move to the fast and easy Cinema 4D by Maxon, up to reach the monstrous power of Maya by Autodesk.

Now I am entering the new Galaxy of Blender, an Open Source software that offers great potential and enormous satisfactions.